Pioneer in Off-Site Industrial Dishwashing Facility in Singapore

Our Flight-Type Warewasher

Ultimate Hygiene & Sanitation Standard

Jet Location Efficiency, Lower Water Consumed
and Completely Clean & Sanitized.

Better Warewash Effectiveness and Enhanced Contamination Control

Suits & Match Ware Type, Soil and Size of Items.

Experience Automation At Its Best

55°C Auto Pre-Wash
65°C Detergent-Wash
80°C Chemical Sanitize
80°C Jet Flash & Rinse


Size of tub: L620mm x B425mm x H250mm.

Stainless Steel Food Grade Transportation Trolleys

Securable with locking device & numeric padlock.

Our trolley size are L63cm x B85cm x H1.8m.

Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor System ​

For safety and ease of mobility of tubs, by client – by outlet – by batch