As of Oct 2015, processed
43,812,120 items for
10,953,030 diners
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What's IDS

1st & Only Off-site Industrial Dishwashing Facility in Singapore,
or probably in the world …


Our Flight-Type Warewasher
Ultimate Hygiene & Sanitation Standard

•  360° Surround Rinse Arms
   -  Jet location efficiency, lower water consumed
   -  Completely clean & sanitize

•  Constant Operating Water Temperature (80°C)
   -  Better warewash effectiveness
   -  Enhanced Contamination Control

•  Two-speed Conveyor
   -  Suits & match ware type, soil and size of items

    ~ 80°C JET FLASH & RINSE

Our Operating Equipments

< Stainless steel food grade
   transportation trolleys

< Securable with locking
   device & numeric padlock


Stainless steel roller conveyor system for safety & ease >
of mobility of tubs, by client - by outlet - by batch


Tubs :-

< Larger Tub for Melamine Wares

< Smaller Tub for Porcelain Wares, Cutlery,
   Metal Wares & etc …

** Green: Halal / Blue for Non-halal

Our Fleet of Transport

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