As of Oct 2015, processed
43,812,120 items for
10,953,030 diners
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1.  Why IDS?


Locals shun dishwashing, Malaysians not interested, PRCs no

longer readily available while Illegals are never worth the risk.


IDS (Integrated Dishwashing Solutions)
Cheaper, Better, Easier + Peace of Mind and more ...


While more & more F&B outlets emerge almost daily but less & less dishwashers are available for hire, who's gonna to do the dishes at the thousands of establishments across Singapore in the foreseeable future?


IDS, though may not seems the perfect solution at first thought, is truly the best-to-none alternative to your years of operational frustrations in commercial dishwashing. It is intended to resolve once-for-all & for the long term this decades-old F&B management dilemma, thereby rendering you our valued clients peace-of-mind to better focus on your core business i.e. quality food & services for improved profitability.



2.  What are the benefits of IDS?




Ease labour crunch i.e. replace, re-assign, re-deploy
Preserve precious FW quota for cooks & servers
M.I.A. and illegal dishwashers no more

Enhanced productivity & efficiency
Wet, choked or flooded kitchen no more
Demerit points or NEA fines no more

Upset cooks & servers for dishwashing no more
Better standard of dishwash hygiene & sanitation

• Long-term resolution of this aged-old ops dilemma




15 - 50% savings in operating costs
Utility bills for dishwashing no more
DW machines & chemicals no more
Valuable space for dishwash no more
Recurring job-ads / tenders no more
Undisruptive focus on core business
Transform Cost to Profit-centre


For our Nation


Synergize & Innovate for Productivity

Consolidate & integrate for Efficiency
Improve dishwash work conditions
Reduced reliance on foreign workers
Conserve energy & natural resources




1.  What's the time frame for return of cleaned & sanitized items?


Turn-around time is dependent upon the Service Plan subscribed.

 - Plan A : 1 x return trip daily

 - Plan B : 1 x return trip on weekdays and 2 x return trips on weekends/PHs

 - Plan C : 2 x return trips daily

 - Plan D : 2 x return trips on weekdays and 3 x return trips on weekends/PHs

 - Plan E : 2 x siingle trips daily



2.  Why Service Plan A, B, C, D & E?


Per the individual preference of our clients in accordance to their business needs and desire, to invest less in roll-over inventories (assets) but more trips (cost) required daily, or to invest more in roll-over inventories therefore less trips daily.



3.  When there's an urgent need for items to be collected, processed & returned earlier than planned, is that possible? What's the minimum time of notification required?


Yes, because our clients’ operation is top priority. Nevertheless, being an integrated dishwashing factory with our manpower, transport and process time-slot for collection / process / delivery of each assignment pre-scheduled, subject to our availability of resources and within our operating hours at time of request, we should be able to re-schedule and make delivery within 4 - 6 hours from time of notification (nominal surcharge applicable).



4.  How are Halal & Non-halal items handled?


Green tubs are for Halal and Blue tubs are for Non-halal items. Different and separate dishwashing machines are utilized to process Halal & Non-halal items at our premises.



5.  What’s the Business Continuity Plan & recovery time of IDS?


Transportation : Apart from our own trucks & drivers, we also lease trucks with 24/7 workshop support and/or replacements as internal back-up. To further ensure our logistic obligations towards our clients, we also sub-contracted some jobs to established transport company with fleet of more than 30 trucks & 50 drivers as external back-up, all to best ensure our efficiency in operational recovery within 2 to 4 hours. As such, any breakdown therefore non-delivery of items are technically impossible.


Ware-washers : We are currently operating with 3 units with utility supplies & plumbing readily available for another 3 high-performance units. Daily checks & weekly audits on wash-quality, bi-monthly preventive maintenance and 24/7 maintenance contract to rectify any possible breakdown timely are all in place. As such, any breakdown therefore non-delivery of items are logically impossible.


IDS Equipment : We are currently stocked with 150 trolleys & 1,200 tubs, sufficient to support up to 100 F&B outlets with daily patronage of average 600 customers. These will be increased to 300 & 2,400 respectively in time of expansion. As such, with timely planning & co-ordination, shortage on equipment therefore operationally delayed is extremely unlikely.



6.  What will be the progressive improvement of IDS to meet industrial standard of dishwashing?


We are currently already performing at, if not exceeded, the standard of dishwashing as industrially expected.


Our factory layout was planned & built according to the approved work-flow of HACCP.


Our branded ware-wash detergent, sanitizing & drying chemicals, stubborn-stains removing chemicals and as well ware-wash machine cleaning chemicals are all lab-tested & approved by relevant governmental authorities in Singapore, widely used now at major hotels, restaurants, hospitals & etc.


Our logistic & transportation policies & procedures are in strict adherence to NEA’s hygiene & safety guiding conditions.


Our CEOs (Cleaning Equipment Operators) are objectively trained not just in doing the dishes but also to visually check, QC inspect & ensure that each & every item we processed are of desirable standard & quality.




1.  How are the charges for IDS?


Unlike self-hired dishwashers at fixed monthly salary or out-sourced contract dishwashers at fixed monthly contract sum, IDS charges are per actual consumption from month-to-month only (subject to minimum contracted sum). Billings are based on total tubs of crockery & cutlery and/or racks of glasses and/or carts of kitchen equipments and/or others by piece.



2.  How will IDS overall impact upon our business, financially?


Savings in operating costs for dishwashing of 15 - 50%. Since IDS is structured as an “economy-of-scale for productivity” initiative, the higher the volume per site - the more it will be in cost savings.



3.  What’s the minimum tenure of an IDS Agreement?


While we are unable to undertake ad-hoc assignments or trials due to investment costs on IDS equipments required for each service site of our clients, tenure of Agreement is flexible. It can either be 1, 2 or 3-years, renewable on expiry. Nevertheless, the longer the tenure upon initial signing, the higher it will be in B.S.I. (Best Sourcing Initiative) funding or the more it will be in savings on total operating costs for our clients.



Lost & Breakages

1.  How are inventory, from collection to process till delivery, tracked?


All collection & delivery of inventory will be recorded & are easily traceable by both our clients & us, with our Work / Delivery Order (WDO) system. Nevertheless, for more précised information on loses and/or breakages of items, a joint random or periodical physical inventory count can be arranged upon request by the client.



2.  How are loss and/or breakages accounted for?


Taking our lost-proof work-flow and batch-processing operating procedure, lost of items from our collection to process until delivery, logically, cannot be possible.


With proper storage of items in tubs on trolleys and speed limited of our trucks regulated at 40km/hr & below on uneven roads, 60km/hr & below on normal road & not more than 80km/hr on highways, we have insofar recorded less than 0.01% i.e. 5 in 50,000 of breakages for porcelain items & glasses.


Regardless, as an assurance to our valued clients, we shall compensate for their inventory loses / breakages over & above their existing percentage recorded before IDS (to be prior informed upon Agreement) or the industrial norm of 5% per annum, when proven to be our sole negligence & capped at 1% of our yearly billing.



3. What's the assurance that items of one F&B outlet will not be mixed or delivered to another?


All IDS trolleys & tubs are marked & numbered. They are assigned to each site upon Agreement with their numbers recorded & undertaken by the client from the commencement of our co-operation. All cleaned & sanitized items will go back into the same (after cleaned & sanitized) tubs they were stored-in on arrival, hence nothing can be mixed-up or misplaced. As well, we will check the internal of the machine at the end of each batch processed for any off-railed items. Plus our lost-proof work-flow & batch-processing operating procedure, situation as such cannot happen.



Hygiene & Sanitation

1. How are Hygiene & Sanitation ensured during "Collection"?


Soiled items in covered-tubs secured on trolleys are loaded onto truck. Upon return to factory and after all tubs are unloaded, the trolleys as well as the truck itself will be washed down, spray sanitized and air-out.



2. How are Hygiene & Sanitation ensured during "Process"?


Our dishwashing machines are checked for proper chemical-feeding & jet-spray operations daily. Including our chemical pump room, they are maintenance-serviced bi-monthly. Water temperature at pre-wash, wash & sanitize/dry tanks are monitored hourly and PH level of water quality are monitored every 2 hours.


Soiled items in tubs are first flushed-down as required. Each item is then loaded onto our high-capacity multi-jets high-temperature automated dishwashing machine for pre-wash, food-grade detergent-washed and food-grade chemical-sanitized & dried. All harmful germs or bacteria, if any, are guaranteed to be entirely eliminated after these processes, especially with water temperature at above 85°C. All tubs & covers are also subjected to the exact same process as above while all trolleys are dispatched to our trolley-wash room for scrub-down & spray sanitized. At the end of process - cleaned & sanitized items in cleaned & sanitized tubs (covered) on cleaned & sanitized trolleys, ready for delivery.



3. How are Hygiene & Sanitation ensured during "Delivery"?


Items in covered-tubs on trolleys - everything cleaned & sanitized, are loaded onto our cleaned & sanitized truck. They shall remain as such even after being unloaded at site upon delivery, until unpacked by the client.




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