As of Oct 2015, processed
43,812,120 items for
10,953,030 diners
  Executive Summary  
  What's IDS  
  Why IDS  
  How IDS  
  Who IDS  
  Benefits of IDS  
  IDS Stats & Analysis  
Benefits of IDS

IDS for you (Operationally)


• Ease labour crunch i.e. re-assign or re-deploy
• Preserve FW quota for cooks & servers
• M.I.A. or illegal dishwashers no more

• Enhanced productivity & efficiency
• Wet, choked or flooded kitchen no more
• Demerit points or NEA fines no more

• Upset dishwashing cooks & servers no more
• Better dishwashing hygiene & sanitation standard

• Once-for-all resolves this aged-old ops dilemma


IDS for our Nation


• Synergy & Innovate for Productivity

• Consolidate & integrate for Efficiency
• Improve dish-wash work conditions
• Reduce Reliance on foreign workers
• Conserve energy & natural resources




IDS for you (Financially)


• 15 - 50% savings in operating costs
• Utility bills for dishwashing no more
• DW machines & chemicals no more
• Valuable dish-wash space no more
• Recurring job-ads / tenders no more
• Undisruptive focus on core business
• Transform Cost to Profit-centre


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