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Hospital’s Experiment Leads to Better Patient Care

Some of our members have volunteered to share their achievements with you:

Jane had set herself the goal of losing 1 stone and running the Great South Run the year after she gave birth to her little girl. With the help of our personal training sessions she achieved her goal and her little girl was there to watch her cross the finishing line.

Rob was told for health reasons that he needed to lose 5 stone. He started swimming 3 times a week and then, when he felt ready, started going to Boxercise. He has now lost 6 stone and actually likes exercising!

Sarah had lost a lot of weight while planning her wedding and through the stress of starting her new job, which was a big promotion. She felt she looked too skinny and felt tired, so with the help of a well planned diet and a toning programme for the gym, set by one of our instructors, she is back to her normal weight and feels healthier again.

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