Locals shun dishwashing, Malaysians are not interested, PRCs are no longer readily available and it is not worth the risk to hire illegal workers.

For at least over a decade now, it remains simply impossible for F&B establishments in Singapore to recruit or retain locals as dishwashers (even after automated dishwashing machines were introduced), since most viewed such jobs as “Low-down & Dirty” hence much undesirable. F&B businesses are therefore compelled to out-source these inconspicuous yet critical operational chores to cleaning companies which most if not all as yet, with the on-going measures implemented by our mindful government since mid 2010/11 to tighten the inflow of foreign workers, are now facing more & more the exact same problem as their clients in shortage of manpower.

The F&B industry in Singapore has expanded rapidly especially in the recent years, hence created the surge in demand for dishwashers which are already in short supply. With more & more F&B outlets emerging but less & less dishwashers available, who’s going to do the dishes at the thousands of F&B establishments across Singapore in the nearest future?

Since Productivity for the Service industry can never be simply achieved by just automation, changing the PROCESS of work currently performed, is the one & only way to easing labour crunch. Strategize, innovate & integrate today to avoid the fast-approaching “Dishwashing Tsunami”IDS – your best-to-none solution to years of operational frustrations & predicament in industrial dishwashing!