Synnovate Solutions Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2010 as a management consultancy specialist in strategic planning and innovations to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the service industry. Knowing that productivity for this people-oriented industry can never be just about automation, the best possible approach is to change the traditional “work-processes”. Our objective is therefore to develop feasible solutions that ease labour intensiveness while maintaining or even enhancing quality at reduced operating costs.

Our revolutionary initiative – IDS, or Integrated Dishwashing Solutions was developed to tackle challenges no one has ever before undertaken, while other upcoming projects such as “Synergize + Innovate = Productivity”  are IPS (Integrated Procurement Solutions), ISS (Integrated Staffing Solutions) and IKS (Integrated Kitchen Solutions).

Backed by over 20 years of in-depth operations and management experience in the Hospitality and Services industry, we are fully committed to contribute to the business success of our clients and financially support the initiatives of our government for the common good of our nation socially and economically, while protecting our environment for the benefit of our future generations.