Jandy Tay

Jandy Tay, spouse of our founder Mr Lawrence Low, has been assisting him since the inception of the organization. With the passing on of Mr Low, Jandy Tay took over the reign in managing the organization, mapping its strategic vision and  management direction. 

Having worked and learnt under strong mentors, Jandy is committed in taking a ‘hands-on’ management approach. This allows her to not only guarantee that the highest standard of workmanship is delivered for each client, but also to ensure the best experience for each client through honest and efficient communication and project adaptability. Jandy takes the time to understand the goals and expectations of each client and works closely with them to generate solutions that will ease them of their operational issues. Under the leadership of Jandy, Synnovate Solutions will continue to thrive and offer the best services to all its customers, both existing and new.