As of Oct 2015, processed
43,812,120 items for
10,953,030 diners
Ease Labour Crunch i.e. re-assign or re-deploy
Enhance Productivity by 300 - 500%
Preserve FW Quota for cooks & servers
A.W.O.L. & illegal dishwashers no more
Once-for-all resolve your dish-wash dilemma
Reduce Operating Costs by 15 - 50%
Utility bills for dishwashing no more
Dish-wash machines & chemicals no more
Valuable space for dishwashing no more
Recurring job-ads & tenders no more
Synergize & Innovate for Productivity
Consolidate & Integrate for Efficiency
Improve dish-wash work conditions
Reduce reliance on foreign workers
Conserve energy & natural resources
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Locals shun dishwashing  Malaysians not interested  PRCs no longer readily available  Illegals are never worth the risk

With more & more F&B establishments emerging while less & less dishwashers are
available for hire, who's gonna do the dishes in the nearest future?

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it !!!